Water & Sanitation Epoxies

  • 105-100% Solids Top Coat
    An ANSI/NSF 61 Potable Watercoating approved coating for tanks and fountains. Provides a chemically resistant coating on containment areas.

  • 108-100% Solids Base Coat
    Base Coat of high build system for corrosive resistant protection of masonry, block, brick, seawalls, splash-zones and exposed concrete on bridges.

  • 510 LPL Flexible Coating
    ANSI/NSF 61 Potable Water approved flexible waterproof and protective epoxy coating designed to bridge minor non-structural hairline cracks for concrete surfaces in a moisture-tolerant environment.

  • 17-17 Low-Exotherm Epoxy
    An adhesive and sealant for placement of the Super Stop in pre-formed slots in concrete and setting diaphragms in the Super Stop.

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