• E-Bond 526S Epoxy Multi-Layer Rapid Set Hi-Friction Sag Resistant Polymer
    E-Bond 526S is a thixotropic creamy like consistency based on the properties of the original 526 Epoxy Multi-Layer Rapid Set Hi-Friction Skid Resistant Polymer. E-Bond 526S provides excellent wet out and flow resistance on slopes in both directions, Crossover slopes against the traffic flow slopes and when placed at the required uniform thickness stay in place during the placement of aggregate and the curing phase to permanently lock in the Hi Friction aggregate. Excellent as a Hi Friction surfacing on flyover bridges and ramps with crossover slopes of up to 0.13 ft./ft. Required to prevent excess runoffs on sloped surfaces the cause of excessive Hi Friction aggregate loss that is now in Service for over for over 8 years ( 2005). Can be mixed both mechanically or with automatic metering and mixing equipment.

526S Run-off test

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