526 Multi-Layer Rapid Set Skid-Resistant Hi-Friction Polymer Epoxy


  • E-Bond 526 Epoxy Multi-Layer Rapid Set Skid Resistant Hi-Friction Polymer Overlay For Bridge and Parking Decks
    E-Bond 526 is a 2 component Anti-Skid High Friction Impermeable Multi-Layer Epoxy Polymer Overlay System to provide long term protection of the underlying steel against the serious corrosive effect of chloride ions penetration. In a properly prepared concrete substrate, the 1st layer replaces air in the fissures voids and cracks. The replaced air escapes through the 1st layer “as outgassing” leaving minute voids or pinholes. The second layer is designed to fill and seal the minute voids creating an impermeable surface.

    The Following States Have Bridge Decks Protected With E-Bond 526 Skid Resistant / Hi-Friction Epoxy Polymer Overlay:

    Arizona Illinois Montana Oregon Texas
    California Kansas Nevada Pennsylvania Utah
    Colorado Michigan New York South Carolina West Virginia
    Georgia Minnesota North Carolina South Dakota Wisconsin
    Florida Missouri Oklahoma Tennessee Virginia


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